Eckerö Shipping deepens the cooperation with Med Cross Lines (MXL)

Eckerö Shipping has entered into a cooperation agreement with Italy-based shipping company Med Cross Lines.

Within the agreement Eckerö Shipping aquires abt. a third of MXL's shares.

Eckerö Shipping has already for a long time, by reason of the weakening market in our immediate trading areas, been forced to move tonnage to the Mediterranean and operate on the spot market.

To ensure employment for our ro-ro vessels, additional contacts and marketing channels in the Mediterranean are needed.

By partnering with MXL we hope to ensure employment for our ro-ro vessels and open up new opportunities in the future.

One of Eckerö Shipping's vessels has already, for more than six months, been included in MXL's system and the plan is to add more tonnage shortly.

For any questions, Please contact the Managing Director Jari Sorvettula, phone +358 18 28407

Eckerö Shipping
Jari Sorvettula
Managing Director


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