Last updated:   09-01-2015

  Eckerö Shipping has sold m/v Carrier and m/v Trader (09.01.2015)
  Eckerö Shipping has sold m/v Baltic Excellent (12.09.2014)
  Eckerö Shipping deepens the cooperation with Med Cross Lines (MXL)! (02.10.2013)
  Birka Cargo renamed Eckerö Shipping (19.04.2013)
  See You in Gothenburg in May 2012! (10.05.2012)
  New Managing Director appointed for Birka Cargo (17.04.2012)

Birka Cargo in further cooperation with Holmen Paper AB
  See You in Gothenburg in May 2008! (13.05.2008)
  Vessels in new charter for Holmen Paper AB (05.02.2008)
  3 vessels in new charter with Finnlines Plc. (03.01.2008)
  Birka Cargos fleet are growing (03.01.2007)
  Birka cargo invests in a new vessel for charter to Holmen Paper AB (11.08.2006)
  Kent Loyalist delivered to Westwood Shipping Lines (17.01.2006)
  Birka Forest - New charter for Kent Line (10.06.2004)
  See You in Gothenburg in May 2004! (15.04.2004)
  New charter for Birka Forest (08.09.2003)
  New vessel names (03.12.2002)
  New charter with Finnlines Plc. (17.10.2002)
  Catalytic Reduction installed (13.10.2002)
  Birka Cargo received a certificate in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard (06.06.2002)
  See You in Lübeck in May 2002! (14.02.2002)
  United Shipping Ltd Ab became Birka Cargo Ab Ltd. (01.01.2002)


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